Norfolk Broads


Norfolk FWAG provides a full range of services for anyone interested in protecting the environment on the farm. Preferential rates are available for members. Contact us for help with:

    • Greening – crop diversification and Ecological Focus Area calculations, measurement and management.
    • Countryside Stewardship applications mid tier and higher tier – five-year schemes and annual Universal Capital Grants.
    • A pre Countryside Stewardship Application survey and consultation to maximise chances of success.
    • Stewardship Scheme Health Checks.
    • Obtaining quotes for capital works for existing HLS agreements.
    • Capital works claims forms.
    • Calendars and work schedules for stewardship schemes.
    • An annual environmental review of the whole farm, including resource protection advice.
    • Soil, manure and nutrient management using laboratory testing and GPS plotting.
    • Basic Payment Scheme applications and other amendments to your holding and scheme details on the CAP IS system.
    • Whole farm conservation plans and audits for LEAF Marque and other assurance schemes.
    • Habitat management plans.
    • Cross compliance queries and checks.
    • Nitrate Vulnerable Zone compliance, including an A3 risk map if required.
    • Environmental Impact Assessments for grassland.
    • Species surveys and management advice.
    • Ecological surveys for planning applications.
    • Colour maps up to A3 in size.





Our members find it’s the access to and sharing of information that really makes their membership worthwhile. Membership gives you access to:

  • Farm Walks, with a range of expert speakers.
  • Practical Workshops, on a wide range of subjects.
  • Conferences on important, topical issues.
  • Social events to meet up with your friends and neighbours.

Local Access Agreements

Over the past 10 years, many communities in Norfolk have benefited from permissive access routes where paths have been made available for walking and riding around the edges of arable fields. These paths were
provided by the farmer, with support from a scheme called Environmental Stewardship. This scheme has now come to an end.

We’ve produced a guide for landowners, members of the public and parish councils to explain how funding may be available to retain existing routes or provide new ones.