Pinelines in the Brecks


With over 75% of Norfolk in agricultural use, conservation on farmland has a vital role to play in conserving Norfolk’s wildlife. By becoming a member of Norfolk FWAG you will support us in our work, making a difference in the wider countryside.

As a member you will receive the following benefits:

  • Advice and services at a preferential rate.
  • Expert free telephone advice.
  • Regular newsletters and updates on farming & wildlife conservation issues.
  • Invitations to farm walks.
  • Invitation to the Farm Conservation Competition Award presentation evening.

Your membership will also allow us to:

  • Represent the organisations interest at a local and regional level at biodiversity topic groups and local nature partnerships.
  • Liaise with Natural England, Norfolk County Council and other key partner organisations on behalf of landowners.
  • Participate in local policy making and consultations.

For those who wish to join but have limited access to funds please contact Norfolk FWAG on 01603 814 869 to discuss how you can join.

FWAG works for us because it’s a very hands-on approach, Henry has local knowledge, I can call him and ask for advice when I need it.

It works because they offer advice, and they have knowledge of farming as well as conservation, they get the balance of both just right. They’ve helped show us how farming and conservation can work hand in hand.

The changes it’s made to the farm and the working environment are great, it’s a pleasure to work with Norfolk FWAG.

Richard Wright

R.G Wright and Sons

Standard membership

Annual subscription: £90 + VAT

Enhanced membership

Annual subscription: £300 + VAT

Includes a half day visit covering a topic of the farmers choosing (e.g. cross compliance, agri-environment, habitat management).

Enhanced Membership Upgrade and Renewal Policy
Brand new members get membership and visit for £300 as a special offer and golden hello. Standard members who upgrade at renewal time (before January 15th) also benefit from the special price of £300. Upgrades which take place outside of these instances will be charged an extra £300, on top of the £90 standard membership already paid.

Supporter membership

Annual subscription: £25 + VAT

For non-land owning individuals that are not going to use our services but would like to give their support.